Евразийская интеграция: экономика, право, политика (Jun 2019)

Political and Legal Aspects of Formation of Regional Medicine Market of the Eurasian Economic Union

  • Andrey V. Toropygin

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 0, no. 2
pp. 98 – 107


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The purpose of this research is to identify the prospects for the development of regional medicine markets — the medicine markets of the Eurasian economic Union. For this research to conduct the study and draw conclusions the elements of system, comparative, historical and situational analyses were used. The analysis highlighted the following elements of the events of recent years related to: the establishment of sanctions against the Russian Federation and counter-sanctions, consistent implementation of the EAEU Treaty in terms of the formation of common markets, changes, related to the regulation of the global medicine market.The object of the research is the problems and solutions of the medicine markets functioning. The subject is the political and economic aspects in the formation of EAEU medicine market. The dependent variables are: political management of world health development, institutional decisions in the global medicine markets, political decisions of the Eurasian economic Commission Council, the regulatory framework for the formation of the EAEU medicine market. An independent variable is the role of the medicine market in trade agreements between international structures and the remote economy.The role of the UN and specialized organizations in the formation of the world health system and access to medicines is analyzed in this work. The role of the WTO in this process is shown. The main institutional decisions that influenced the development of global and regional medicine markets are identified. The influence of these decisions on the formation of the EAEU medicine market is considered. The process of market formation within the EAEU is analyzed. The complexity of the activities of the EAEU in the current international environment, the consequence of which is the desire of the States parties to resolve issues at the intergovernmental rather than supranational level, was noted.