A relação entre o potencial de flexibilidade estrutural e o potencial de flexibilidade cultural na TCM Informática Ltda

Revista de Ciências da Administração : RCA. 2003;5(9):49-70


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Journal Title: Revista de Ciências da Administração : RCA

ISSN: 1516-3865 (Print); 2175-8077 (Online)

Publisher: Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina

LCC Subject Category: Political science: Political institutions and public administration (General)

Country of publisher: Brazil

Language of fulltext: Portuguese

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Alessandra Zaguini (UFSC - Florianópolis - SC)

Eloise Helena Livramento Dellagnelo (UFSC - Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina)


Double blind peer review

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This work aimed at analysing the flexibility potential of the organizational structure and the cultural flexibility potential of TCM Informática Ltd. The research method used was the qualitative case study. Seventeen employees, out of 29, were interviewed. The data were obtained both from primary sources, through semi-structured interviews, and from secondary sources, particularly documents from the organization. The potential flexibility of the organizational structure was identified through certain categories, such as the basic organizational form, the planning and control systems, and different regulation processes. In addition, the potential flexibility of the organizational culture was identified from the perspectives of identity formation, leadership, unwritten rules and external orientation. Based on the results of these categories, the structural and cultural flexibility potentials of the organization were compared, and a tendency for convergence was identified. In addition to this factor, this work argues that there are more specific characteristics of mechanist and conservative organizations which tend to make the development of organizational flexibility potencial more difficult.