Revista de Ciências da Administração : RCA (2020-11-01)

The Meaning of Work and the Future bond with the Employee Organization.

  • Laércio André Gassen Balsan,
  • Antônio Virgílio Bittencourt Bastos,
  • Thiago Antônio Beuron,
  • Vânia Medianeira Flores Costa

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 21, no. 55


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The present study examines the association between the meaning of work attributed by employer before joining the organization and the ties (Organizational Commitment, Organizational Entrenchment and Organizational Consent) formed after months of work. It also analyzes the variability of the meaning of work, seeking to know the factors that influence it. For this, a longitudinal study was carried out with workers of different organizations, before their entry in contracting organization, applying a questionnaire containing measures previously validated for the brazilian context. A new data collect was made nine months after the entry. The main results revealed that work is one of the main spheres of life of the individual, being surpassed only by the family. It was found that the meaning of work is a significant element in predicting the future bond established between the individual entering the labor market and the contracting organization.