Развитие образования (Feb 2019)

Educational environment of the kindergarten as a source of development of self-consciousness of preschool children with general disabilities of speech

  • Sergey V. Marikhin,
  • Maria I. Kondratiuk

Journal volume & issue
no. 1 (3)
pp. 44 – 46


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The article discusses the main features of the kindergarten educational environment for the development of preschool children’s self-consciousness. The authors provide a general description of the children's self-consciousness with a general speech underdevelopment, describe the main areas of work on the development of self-awareness with this category of children. As the authors note, the development of the ability to analyze and to evaluate what is happening, as well as familiarity with various social roles, contributes to leveling existing difficulties in interacting with society in children with general speech underdevelopment, allows preschoolers to become more self-confident, to embed a positive self-concept and increase the level of claims.