MATEC Web of Conferences (Jan 2018)

Construction and Application of Indoor Video Surveillance System Based on Human Activity Recognition

  • Wang Yuchen,
  • Wang Mantao,
  • Tan Zhouyu,
  • Zhang Jie,
  • Li Zhiyong,
  • Mu Jiong,
  • Zhou Zhihao,
  • Luo Lixing

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 232
p. 04024


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With the growth of building monitoring network, increasing human resource and funds have been invested into building monitoring system. Computer vision technology has been widely used in image recognition recently, and this technology has also been gradually applied to action recognition. There are still many disadvantages of traditional monitoring system. In this paper, a human activity recognition system which based on the convolution neural network is proposed. Using the 3D convolution neural network and the transfer learning technology, the human activity recognition engine is constructed. The Spring MVC framework is used to build the server end, and the system page is designed in HBuilder. The system not only enhances efficiency and functionality of building monitoring system, but also improves the level of building safety.