Cahiers des Amériques Latines (Jan 2006)

Vers une déconstruction sociologique de l’idéologie progressiste de la théologie de la libération en Amérique latine

  • Malik Tahar Chaouch

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 51
pp. 185 – 200


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The theology of the liberation is enough at the moment present in the theological debate. However, this theology continues provoking nostalgia. These last ones are fed by the idea according to which theology of the liberation would have been the expression of an ample social movement, articulated with the destiny of the poor and marginal masses in Latin America. The vision was come off its character there radically progressive. The intention of this article indeed looks for to deconstruct the progressive value that was attributed to it. With base to reconstruction of its intransigent genealogy in the contemporary Catholicism, is to put in evidence its ambivalent relation with the ecclesial constituted power, apparently answered by it, as well as with the ideology that sub lies it.