Bìznes Inform (Jun 2018)

The Topical Pricing Issues in the Development of E-Commerce and E-Trade

  • Matselukh Nataliia P. ,
  • Opolinska Viktoriia V.

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 6, no. 485
pp. 349 – 355


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The article is aimed at defining problematic issues of pricing in the development of e-commerce and e-trade in order to improve the methodological instrumentarium and implementation of innovative marketing policy of trading enterprises, carrying out sales operations in online mode. It is determined that the development of strategic orientations of price policy should provide conditions for achievement of the set goals in terms of trade enterprise, relying mainly on market methods of determining the basic price level, conditions and sizes of their differentiation, and appropriate adjustment as to changes in supply and demand. The concepts of «e-commerce» and «e-trade» have been divided. It is determined that the correct pricing requires constant up-to-date information that will ensure efficient use of the potential of trading enterprises and maintain stable relationships with existing buyers.