Materials (Apr 2021)

Characterization of Mechanical and Hygroscopic Properties of Individual Canes of Reed

  • Montaña Jiménez-Espada,
  • Daniel Herrero-Adán,
  • Rafael González-Escobar

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 14, no. 2193
p. 2193


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The search for sustainability has led to the utilization of more ecological materials with at least, a similar structural performance to those used at present. In this regard, reed fits the environmental and structural requirements as it is a sustainable and biodegradable lignin-cellulose material with remarkable mechanical properties. This research confirms the reed’s structural efficiency as it demonstrates that it has excellent strength and stiffness in relation to its density. The reed anisotropy has a large impact on its properties. Indeed, the strength and stiffness parallel to the fibers are clearly higher than in the perpendicular direction. The results confirm that strength and stiffness decrease with the moisture content and nodes act as reinforcement in compression and bending. If compared with steel, timber and concrete, the reed possesses the highest value for strength. Hence, reed constitutes a strong candidate for environmentally friendly engineering.