Sociologie Românească (Sep 2010)

Antrenament pentru autocontrolul furiei la delincvenţii juvenili agresivi

  • Siţa Popa

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Vol. 8, no. 3


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I have developed the controlling anger exercise in the penitenciary, having as objectives reducing the aggressive behaviour, increasing the self-control capacity as well as reducing the number of conflicts between the groups. 7 minor delinquents have participated, with a level of education from 2 to 5 grades, ages between 12 and 15, which during executing their confinig punishment, have had multiple aggressive and conflict generating manifestations. The institutional diciplinary measures have had no effect whatsoever. The research methods used were: the observation, the interview, the anamnesis, the documentation-from the penitenciary's files. The strategies used were based on technics of controlling the anger and of reducing the aggressive behaviour, adopting a rational-emotive and behavioural-cognitive approach. The program has developed over 8 analysed themes in 20 psycho-therapeutical group meetings with a frequency of 2 times a week. Every group meeting has been composed of relaxing and accomodation exercises, role play and own assignments. The applied tests were: The progressive matrices of Raven; Woodworth-Mathews questionary; The tree test; The self appreciating questionary; The level of anger inventary; The level of anger jurnal. The results of this exercise have been the estimated ones. In conclusion, this kind of courses must be repeted among this kind of communities but can be broadened to mass education as well as an intervention method and as a prevention one as well.