Sensors (2019-04-01)

Comparison of Leaf Area Index, Surface Temperature, and Actual Evapotranspiration Estimated Using the METRIC Model and In Situ Measurements

  • Arturo Reyes-González,
  • Jeppe Kjaersgaard,
  • Todd Trooien,
  • David G. Reta-Sánchez,
  • Juan I. Sánchez-Duarte,
  • Pablo Preciado-Rangel,
  • Manuel Fortis-Hernández

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 19, no. 8
p. 1857


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The verification of remotely sensed estimates of surface variables is essential for any remote sensing study. The objective of this study was to compare leaf area index (LAI), surface temperature (Ts), and actual evapotranspiration (ETa), estimated using the remote sensing-based METRIC model and in situ measurements collected at the satellite overpass time. The study was carried out at a commercial corn field in eastern South Dakota. Six clear-sky images from Landsat 7 and Landsat 8 (Path 29, Row 29) were processed and used for the assessment. LAI and Ts were measured in situ, and ETa was estimated using an atmometer and independent crop coefficients. The results revealed good agreement between the variables measured in situ and estimated by the METRIC model. LAI showed r2 = 0.76, and RMSE = 0.59 m2 m−2, the Ts comparison had an agreement of r2 = 0.87 and RMSE 1.24 °C, and ETa presented r2 = 0.89 and RMSE = 0.71 mm day−1.