Granì (Jun 2015)

Conception of «involvement in the process of retraditionalization» as an alternative of further development policy of Ukraine

  • G. A. Lavrynenko

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 18, no. 8(124)


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In the context of research of the transition of political system the author developed the concept of «involvement in the process of retraditionalization» in which are reviewed major elements of activities of the presidents of Ukraine during their tenure. The analysis was based on compliance policies of each of the presidents of certain strategies. Leonid Kravchuk chosen strategy of «rational involvement», a characteristic feature of which was to preserve traditional values required in the initial stage of the transformation path. The strategy of L. Kuchma continues the policy of his predecessor and meets of «limited involvement», emphasized heredity methods of policy since the days of the Soviet Union. The election of a clear course towards full democratization and overcoming threats of «political stagnation prospects» were the characteristics of the strategy of «intransigence to involvement» used V. Yushchenko. Which, in turn, acted as an alternative way of development of the state and different from the policy of previous presidents in many ways. V. Yanukovych has continued the policy of L. Kravchuk and L. Kuchma and has choosen the strategy of «full involvement», which was characterized by reduction of democratic rights and civil liberties, which led to the transformation of «the problematic democracy» in Ukraine to «hybrid mode». In the end, the author notes that the research of dynamics of retraditionalization trends in Ukraine’s political life is important, because during the transformations in a democratic direction must take into account different scenarios of political events and their possible consequences and the experience of post­Soviet countries on the path of «resurrection» and development «soviet traditions».