Revista de Economía Política de Buenos Aires (Oct 2020)

NEETS’ labour market transitions. A survey for Argentina

  • Matias Golman

Journal volume & issue
no. 21
pp. 9 – 47


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This study addresses the NEET phenomenon in Argentina using the country’s Household Survey for the period 2003-2018. The approach identifies NEETs’ challenges pertaining to decent job opportunities and education completion. The static perspective is extended by the use of a Multinomial Logit model, in which three potential transitions are analysed: finding a formal job, getting an informal job, or re-entering the education system. As was expected, gender, age, education level, income, and family educational and employment background were identified as highly relevant explanatory variables, but with different strength and even signs, depending on each transition. JEL codes: J21, J46, J62