İçsavaşıyla Ortaya Çıkmış Zorunlu Bir Göç: Suriye Çerkesleri, İstanbul İli Örneği

Lectio Socialis. 2018;2(2):143-152


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Emir Fatih Akbulat


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Some of the Circassian refugees who were exiled after the occupation of the Caucasus in the 19th century by the Tsarist Russia were settled by the Ottoman Empire in the geography of the Middle East. The problems of the integration of the Circassian minority within the borders of the territories created in the Middle East after the First World War reappeared after the Syrian Civil War, which began in 2011. In this article the process of migration of Circassian communities to Turkey in the city of Istanbul during the mass migration movements that arose with the Syrian civil war of 2011 and their new life in Istanbul is discussed. In the article, the results of the study, conducted with the Circassians from Syria and in-depth interviews, will be evaluated.