Ovidius University Annals: Economic Sciences Series (Jan 2018)

The Transition to the Circular Economy through Buyback Programs

  • Neamțu Daniela Mihaela,
  • State Mihaela

Journal volume & issue
Vol. XVIII, no. 2
pp. 323 – 328


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The way we produce and consume contributes to many of today's environmental issues such as global warming, pollution, exhaustion of natural resources and biodiversity loss. In a circular economy, the value of products and materials is kept if possible, waste and use of resources are minimized, and resources do not leave the economic flow once they are at the end of their lifetime but are reused and create value. The aim of this paper is to investigate the degree of association of buyback programs with the concept of circular economy among young people. In terms of research methods, the questionnaire-based investigation method was chosen. The survey was conducted on a sample of 130 young people. The methodological tool used has the advantage of providing complex information and the objective possibility of correlating the indicators, thus making it possible to obtain credible and easy to interpret results.