Nanophotonics (Aug 2021)

Wide-field photothermal reflectance spectroscopy for single nanoparticle absorption spectrum analysis

  • Kim Jung-Dae,
  • Kim Dong Uk,
  • Jeong Chan Bae,
  • Han Ilkyu,
  • Bae Ji Yong,
  • Hur Hwan,
  • Nam Ki-Hwan,
  • Hyun Sangwon,
  • Kim I Jong,
  • Lee Kye-Sung,
  • Chang Ki Soo

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 10, no. 13
pp. 3433 – 3440


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Photothermal imaging is useful for detecting individual nanoparticles and obtaining the absorption spectra. This study presents a wide-field photothermal reflectance spectroscopy technique achieved by incorporating a pump beam, a probe beam, and a charge-coupled device (CCD) camera into a commercial microscopic setup. The presented design does not require precise alignment between the pump and the probe beams and enables the observation of numerous individual nanoparticles during image acquisition. Despite the use of a simple imaging processing method, i.e., a four-bucket method using a CCD camera, sufficient sensitivity for the spectral imaging of a single gold nanorod (20 nm diameter and 84 nm length) is demonstrated. Numerous individual nanoparticles within a wide field of view (240 μm × 180 μm) are detected in an image captures at an imaging measurement speed of 0.02 mm2 min−1. Furthermore, the proposed photothermal reflectance spectroscopy technique can detect the variation in the absorption peak of the measured spectra depending on the aspect ratio of individual nanoparticles within a spectral resolution of 1 nm.