Journal of Integrative Neuroscience (Mar 2019)

MEG recordings of patients with cerebral palsy before and after the application of pico-Tesla weak magnetic fields

  • Photios Anninos, Athanasia Kotini, Adam Adamopoulos, Nicolaos Tsagas

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 18, no. 1
pp. 17 – 21


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MEG data for five cerebral palsy patients were taken using a whole-head 122-channel MEG system. An experiment was designed to identify the possible effect of external pico-Tesla weak magnetic fields. The subjects were five male volunteers 17-46 years of age. External stimulation, field amplitude 1-7.5 pico-Tesla, was applied to each subject at their alpha-rhythm frequency. Fast Fourier transforms were applied to the data of all MEG channels and the rhythms of the patients were evaluated before and after pico-Tesla transcranial magnetic stimulation. The appliance of pico-Tesla weak magnetic fields showed the brains of the cerebral palsy patients had an enhance of the frequencies of (2-7 Hz) for each patient. This was followed by an improvement and normalization of their MEG. The results had a statistical significance in four out of five subjects (80%) and suggested the stimulation provided a positive contribution to the management of the symptoms of cerebral palsy patients.