Вестник Московского государственного областного университета: Серия: Русская филология (Jan 2018)


  • Пуряева Надежда Николаевна

Journal volume & issue
no. 5
pp. 220 – 229


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The objective of the article is to describe one of the poorly covered sides of Anna Bunina’s biography, namely her cooperation with periodicals. “The Son of the Fatherland” and especially “Ladies’ magazine” are chosen as examples. The article analyses publications dedicated to Bunina as well as the editorial policy of the publishers of journals - Nikolay Grech and Petr Shalikov. A hypothesis is advanced that both editors significantly contributed to modeling Bunina’s literary reputation as one of the best poetesses of her time, as well as reasons are revealed for fixing her in this status. The theoretical and practical significance of the research is the clarification of one of the aspects of Bunina’s creative biography. The article is addressed to philologists, specialists in the history of women’s literature in Russia.