Sensors & Transducers (Mar 2014)

A Qualitative Comprehensive Assessment Method of System Safety Based on Fuzzy AHP and Fuzzy Transform

  • Yang Heng,
  • Xu Gening,
  • Fan Xiaoning

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 167, no. 3
pp. 142 – 150


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To overcome the difficulty in understanding quantitative evaluation on actually safety assessment, This research proposed a qualitative comprehensive assessment method of fuzzy state based on fuzzy Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) and Fuzzy Transform. First of all, the fuzzy comment of multiple assessments by experts should focus on the quantitative evaluation of corresponding triangular fuzzy numbers, so that fuzzy evaluation matrix on fuzzy AHP can be formed. Meanwhile, the weight of evaluation index regarding the evaluation target is calculated according to the calculating rules of fuzzy numbers and fuzzy AHP. Secondly, the fuzzy comprehensive evaluation of evaluation target can be acquired based on the score of evaluation index state and the weight of evaluation index of the evaluation target. In addition, the total evaluation range of evaluation target by using corresponding interval between evaluation target and fuzzy grade are calculated. Finally, the final fuzzy qualitative evaluation value of system is determined using the principle of maximum membership degree in fuzzy grade interval. The hoisting mechanism system of crane is taken as an example to explain the solving process and feasibility of this method. This method assesses the comprehensive state of system. The assessment process is being qualitative to quantitative, then back to qualitative. And it enables non-professionals easily understanding evaluation results.