Exploring the Concept of Browsing from the Literature Analysis

Journal of Library Science. 1997;(12):63-91


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Journal Title: Journal of Library Science

ISSN: 1018-3817 (Print)

Publisher: National Taiwan University

LCC Subject Category: Bibliography. Library science. Information resources

Country of publisher: Taiwan

Language of fulltext: Chinese, English



Shan-Ju L. Chang



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Browsing as a concept and an activity appears to be a fundamental part of human information behavior, which takes place in diverse contexts in our daily life. At the theoretical level, research on browsing can extend and develop theories of human information behavior. Practically, there could be suggestions for better organization and representation of information and material displayed as well as for effective information seeking and retrieval. This thesis attempts to explore the browsing phenomenon as it appears in the library and information science literature and end-user computing literature. Topics included for discussion are the definitions of the browsing concept, potential consequences, topology and influential factors of browsing as being identified from the literature analysis.[Article content in Chinese]