A social work study on family related issues influencing juvenile delinquency

Management Science Letters. 2013;3(7):2085-2088 DOI 10.5267/j.msl.2013.06.012


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Journal Title: Management Science Letters

ISSN: 1923-9335 (Print); 1923-9343 (Online)

Publisher: Growing Science

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Country of publisher: Canada

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Mohammad Reza Iravani

Samaneh Salimi

Akram Fakhri Fakhramini

Ghasem Shahmoradi

Zakaria Eskandari

Mohsen Dadashi


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We present a study to investigate the impacts of various factors on juvenile delinquency. The study distributes 400 questionnaires among young people aged 19-26 who are involved with some sort of crime and analyzes their feedbacks. There are three hypotheses including family income, tendency to spirituality and religion and educational backgrounds of families and juvenile delinquency among these people. The results show that while family income and religious as well as spirituality characteristics play important role on juvenile delinquency, educational background of the parents do not statistically have any influence on juvenile delinquency. The study recommends that a better family condition could contribute society to reduce juvenile delinquency and people could guide their children through better consultations.