Sociétés et Jeunesses en Difficulté (Jan 2018)

Éducation et cultures en contexte plurilingue : analyse de l’expérience de la jeunesse guyanaise

  • Blaise Dit Manga Bitegue

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 19


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Despite the appearance of a speech by public authorities to promote social cohesion of the territory, in the light of the strategies implemented or planned, this article highlights the context of schooling of many young people in Guyana who share this space multilingual social and are in a situation of academic failure or dropping out.So, it searches the key challenges related to the demands of education in the French language and its weight in terms of academic achievement compared with the oral tradition and other local linguistic and cultural realities. This research reveals the paradoxes of an approach based on the confrontation between the necessary assets of the territory, the cultural past, the daily lives of young people for the most fragile families practicing minority languages and model of speech official compared to young people in metropolitan France.This research shows that there is much work to be done in youth education and youth involvement to develop the actual society of French Guyana.The research also indicates that many weaknesses cares from difficulties to ink language used in school and local languages.Problems meet by the French Guyana, a former colony, shows that collective awareness of these situations is necessary.