Çédille: Revista de Estudios Franceses (2013-04-01)

Personajes líquidos, personajes íntimos: un estudio sobre el personaje en Le Magot de Momm y La Folie Silaz de Hélène Lenoir

  • Lucía Montaner Sánchez

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 9, no. 2013
pp. 409 – 421


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Novel succeeds in creating new narra-tive forms that are capable of passing on the changing ways of seeing and being in the world of man. In such novels, the character gives up being a stable and coherent entity, in order to transform into an incomplete and undetermined figure, a being submerged in the flux of consciousness. The work of Hélène Lenoir manages to follow an entire series of “liquid” characters, with defined form, nor contour, characters who are apathetic and cowardly in their relationships with the other. Moreover, as a result of the lack of communication, their isolation, and certain psychological troubles, the Lenoir’s characters are misunderstood, anguished, and solitary beings.