eLife (Jun 2015)

Strategies from UW-Madison for rescuing biomedical research in the US

  • Judith Kimble,
  • William M Bement,
  • Qiang Chang,
  • Benjamin L Cox,
  • Norman R Drinkwater,
  • Richard L Gourse,
  • Aaron A Hoskins,
  • Anna Huttenlocher,
  • Pamela K Kreeger,
  • Paul F Lambert,
  • Marsha R Mailick,
  • Shigeki Miyamoto,
  • Richard L Moss,
  • Kate M O'Connor-Giles,
  • Avtar Roopra,
  • Krishanu Saha,
  • Hannah S Seidel

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 4


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A cross-campus, cross-career stage and cross-disciplinary series of discussions at a large public university has produced a series of recommendations for addressing the problems confronting the biomedical research community in the US.