Transformable Menu Component for Mobile Device Applications: Working with both Adaptive and Adaptable User Interfaces

International Journal of Interactive Mobile Technologies. 2008;2(3):22-27


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Journal Title: International Journal of Interactive Mobile Technologies (iJIM)

ISSN: 1865-7923 (Print)

Publisher: Universit├Ąt Kassel

LCC Subject Category: Technology: Electrical engineering. Electronics. Nuclear engineering: Telecommunication

Country of publisher: Germany

Language of fulltext: English



V. Glavinic
S. Ljubic
M. Kukec



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Using a learning system in a mobile environmentis not effective if barriers are not overcome in theinteraction with targeted users. For that purpose all mobileservices, including m-learning ones, demand specialattention being paid to interaction with the user. Whilemobile device applications are becoming more powerful,their development process must utilize the concepts ofuniversal access and universal usability. This paperdescribes the model of both adaptable and adaptive mobileuser interface, through the introduction of a transformablemenu component capable to be personalized to eachindividual user with respect to her/his preferences andinteraction style. We discuss the use of customization andadaptation techniques, with the aim to both enhance mobileHCI and to increase user satisfaction, particularly whenworking with graphically rich m-learning applications.