Ekonomiczne Problemy Usług (Jan 2015)

Dostęp do internetu w gospodarstwach domowych a unowocześnianie konsumpcji w Polsce i UE

  • Urszula Grzega

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 117


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This article aims at presenting changes in Internet access of households in Poland and the European Union in the context of modernising consumption. In the period of 2008–2014 a progress of access Internet in household was observed. The percentage of households in the EU who used the internet was 81% in 2014 (75% in Poland), an increase of 21 percentage points compared with 2008 (27 percentage points in Poland). The share of internet access varied among Member States, ranging from 96% of households in the Netherlands and Luxembourg to 57% in Bulgaria. The growing access to the Internet supports modernising consumption among households.