Analele Universităţii Constantin Brâncuşi din Târgu Jiu : Seria Economie. 2011;1(4 ):141 -147


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Journal Title: Analele Universităţii Constantin Brâncuşi din Târgu Jiu : Seria Economie

ISSN: 1844-7007 (Print)

Publisher: Academica Brâncuşi

Society/Institution: Universitatea "Constantin Brâncuşi" din Târgu-Jiu

LCC Subject Category: Social Sciences: Commerce: Commercial geography. Economic geography | Social Sciences: Economic theory. Demography: Economics as a science

Country of publisher: Romania

Language of fulltext: English

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Bold Oliviana (Universitatea Craiova, Facultatea de Economie şi Administrare a Afacerilor, Craiova, România)


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The most interesting challenge of the managerial life, inevitable for the organizations of today, is changing. The complexity of such an approach forces the managers to deal with the processes whose objectives laws do not allow to be easily discovered, so the organizations must be able to predict the change. The issues of the organizations and of the organizational development are a topic of great interest, both for the ideologists’ field, who have tried to outline the most important aspects that define the organization, and for those directly involved in their operation. This paper starts from the concept that any organization, which expects to adapt to the external environment and especially to the progress, must accept the changes and must respond to them in a quick and responsible way. This paper, relying on the numerous examples, proposes various theoretical, rational, methodological and practical approaches, that answer the need for knowledge and that sustain the application of the change process to be a successful one.