Acta Iuris Stetinensis (Jan 2017)

Ochrona prawnoautorska dla wzorów przemysłowych. Glosa krytyczna do wyroku Sądu Najwyższego z 6 marca 2014 roku, V CSK 202/13

  • Jakub Kępiński

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 18


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The presented contribution is intended to explain to the reader the position adopted by the Polish Supreme Court (SC) in Judgment V CSK 202/13 regarding the grant of copyright in a grave candle (a utility product). The ruling of the SC is wrong and its justification gives rise to many doubts. SC did accord copyright protection to a product (grave candle) with a negligible level of creativity and individuality. Thus it would be difficult to imagine, in the light of SC judgment analyzed here, an industrial design (or another product) which would be denied copyright protection under Polish legislation. This interpretation cannot be accepted.In my opinion nowadays Courts would have a special role to play – they should apply more restrictive interpretation of the conditions of creativity and individuality with reference to all manifestations of the human creative activity.