Analiza i Egzystencja (Jan 2021)

Policzalność i niepoliczalność sprawiedliwości dystrybucyjnej w kontekście medycznym i pandemicznym

  • Małgorzata Kowalska

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 53


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This text first deals with the concept of distributive justice in general, and in the last section we devote more attention to the problem of equitable distribution of medical services, especially the distribution of Covid-19 vaccines in the current pandemic context. The presented position is neither deontological, nor utilitarian, nor rationalist, nor intuitionist, nor liberal, nor communitarian, and it probably does not fall under any “ism” at all. It arises from reflection on what in the distribution system of any goods, in particular medical services, including vaccines, can and should be countable and calculated, and what cannot. It generally refers to various positions in contemporary ethics and moral debates, but is inspired primarily by the thoughts of authors not obvious in this context, such as Levinas and Ricoeur, and especially Derrida, the quotation from which is the motto of all the considerations contained here.