Education Research International (2011-01-01)

Family Care, Social Services, and Living Arrangements Factors Influencing Psychosocial Well-Being of Elderly from Selected Households in Ibadan, Nigeria

  • D. Oladeji

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 2011


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This study examined family care, social services, and living arrangements factors influencing the psychosocial well-being of the elderly from selected households in Ibadan, Nigeria. The participants for the study consisted of 280 elderly persons randomly drawn from selected households in five local government areas of Ibadan metropolis. A descriptive survey design was employed in collecting the data from the respondents. Data collected were analyzed using chi-square (𝜒2) statistics. Results obtained indicated that significant relationships existed between family care (𝜒2=127.9, df = 12, 𝑃<.05), social services (𝜒2=191.9, df = 12, 𝑃<.05), and living arrangements (𝜒2=14.4, df = 6, 𝑃<.05) and psychosocial well-being of elderly. The results implicate the need for the framework on the complex system of the elderly services. These areas of service include economic services, attitudes toward aging, roles played by the elderly, and health care services.