Oceanologia (Dec 2005)

Validation of hydrodynamic part of the ecohydrodynamic model for the southern Baltic

  • Jan Jędrasik

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 47, no. 4
pp. 517 – 541


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The first part of the Baltic Sea ecohydrodynamic model, based on the Princeton Ocean Model (POM), was validated by long-term observations of sea level, salinity and water temperature fluctuations. The modelled sea surface temperature (SST) fields were also compared to satellite images - satisfactory correlation coefficients were obtained. The model bias and efficiency coefficients of the modelled variables in relation to the observed values were determined. The quality of model simulations in relation to measured values was estimated with respect to spatial and seasonal variability in shallow and deep coastal waters as well as in the open sea. The results indicated the high quality of simulations by the hydrodynamic model.