Analysis of the traffic accidents characteristics in the Kraljevo region in 2013

Sestrinska reč. 2015;19(72):8-11


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Journal Title: Sestrinska reč

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Publisher: Association of Nurses-Technicians and Midwives of the Republic of Serbia, Belgrade

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Ćurčić Tamara (Služba hitne medicinske pomoći, Dom zdravlja Kraljevo)


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Introduction: It is estimated that 1,308people, in the whole world, die in road accidents every day. Factors of road, vehicle and, first of all, human factor, alone or together with other factors occur in over 90% of case histories. Every year 688people die in traffic accidents in Serbia (9,5/100,000), and the 18525 (258, 5/100 000) are injured. Research goals Main goal: To analyse the traffic accidents characteristics in the Kraljevo region in 2013. Secondary goal: To determine the number of deaths in traffic trauma on the roads of the region of Kraljevo To determine the prevalence of isolated, multiple and associated injuries To determine the number of injured by the anatomical site and emergency levels of injuries To analyse mechanisms and site of accidents Methods: The paper presents the epidemiological characteristics of traffic accidents on the territory of Kraljevo. In the retrospective analysis 529 persons were injured in the period 01. 01. 2013. -31. 12. 2013. As a data source we used trauma protocol of Emergency medicine service, Kraljevo. Methods of descriptive statistics analysis were used and the results are presented in tables and graphs. Results: We registered 529 traffic accidents with 9 ( 1, 7%) dead and 520 injured (98, 3%) people, during the observed period. There were 468 slightly injured (88, 5%), and 52 seriously injured (9, 8%) people. Most often injured were cyclists - 144 (27, 7%), than pedestrians - 104 (20%), motorcyclists - 86 (16, 5%), motor vehicle drivers - 76 (14, 6%), tractor drivers - 52 (10%), while there were 58 injured passengers in the motor vehicles (11, 2%). The distribution of emergency levels: level 15 (0, 96%), level II 71 (13, 65%), level III 442 (85 %), levelIV2 (0, 39%). We registered 36 (6, 92%) isolated injuries, 5 associated (0, 96%), 473 combined (90, 96%), and 6 multiple (1, 15%) injuries. Conclusion: Characteristics of traffic accidents on the territory of Kraljevo are consistent with similar data published for the Republic of Serbia, which relate primarily to the high rate of traffic mortality. This unfavorable image could be changed by improving prevention, and at the level of all three key factors traffic accidents. Raising awareness among all road users about the impact of certain preventive measures and procedures to prevent traffic accidents, frequent technical inspections of older vehicles, relocation of major roads outside of settlements, maintenance of transport networks, under optimal conditions, as well as the promotion and maintenance of traffic signals are difficult, but the primary tasks of the state to reduce the victims of traffic accidents on our roads. .