Journal of Fuzzy Extension and Applications (Dec 2020)

Fuzzy programming approach to Bi-level linear programming problems

  • Eshetu Gurmu,
  • Tagay Fikadu

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 1, no. 4
pp. 252 – 271


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In this study, we discussed a fuzzy programming approach to bi-level linear programming problems and their application. Bi-level linear programming is characterized as mathematical programming to solve decentralized problems with two decision-makers in the hierarchal organization. They become more important for the contemporary decentralized organization where each unit seeks to optimize its own objective. In addition to this, we have considered Bi-Level Linear Programming (BLPP) and applied the Fuzzy Mathematical Programming (FMP) approach to get the solution of the system. We have suggested the FMP method for the minimization of the objectives in terms of the linear membership functions. FMP is a supervised search procedure (supervised by the upper Decision Maker (DM)). The upper-level decision-maker provides the preferred values of decision variables under his control (to enable the lower level DM to search for his optimum in a wider feasible space) and the bounds of his objective function (to direct the lower level DM to search for his solutions in the right direction).