Leida xuebao (Oct 2022)

Research on Full-aspect Three-dimensional SAR Imaging Method for Complex Structural Facilities without Prior Model

  • Yun LIN,
  • Lin ZHANG,
  • Lideng WEI,
  • Hanqing ZHANG,
  • Shanshan FENG,
  • Yanping WANG,
  • Wen HONG

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 11, no. 5
pp. 909 – 919


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SAR three-Dimensional (3D) imaging of complex structural facilities is an important and challenging issue in SAR imaging. The existing 3D SAR imaging relies on multiple channels or flights in the elevation direction, exerting high demands on the radar system or data acquisition. This paper proposes a 3D imaging method for complex structural facilities without a prior model, and the full-aspect 3D image of the entire scene in the region with unknown prior information can be obtained solely using a single flight. This method completely utilizes the full-aspect observation as well as the layover and elevation ambiguity resolving capabilities of circular SAR without requiring target pre-modeling and 3D imaging grid construction. Moreover, the method is suitable for fine 3D imaging complex structural facilities in large areas. Significant progress has been made in the practical technology of radar 3D imaging. The full-aspect 3D radar images of the FAST radio telescope are obtained for the first time with the proposed method, thus verifying the correctness and effectiveness of our theory and method.