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Behind the Scenes - Clientele and Citizens in the Mexican Political Transition

Iberoamericana. América Latina - España - Portugal. 2014;1(2):87-105 DOI 10.18441/ibam.1.2001.2.87-105


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Journal Title: Iberoamericana. América Latina - España - Portugal

ISSN: 1577-3388 (Print); 2255-520X (Online)

Publisher: Iberoamericana / Vervuert

Society/Institution: Ibero-Amerikanisches Institut PK

LCC Subject Category: History (General) and history of Europe: History of Portugal | History (General) and history of Europe: History of Spain | History America: Latin America. Spanish America | Language and Literature: French literature - Italian literature - Spanish literature - Portuguese literature | Social Sciences

Country of publisher: Germany

Language of fulltext: Spanish, English, Portuguese

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Ilán Bizberg


Double blind peer review

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Time From Submission to Publication: 30 weeks


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In contrast to most authoritarian regimes in Latin America, which were basically military and anti-popular, based upon a coup d’Etat that overthrew a national-popular regime such as those existing in Argentina and Brazil (established in the thirties at about the same time as the one of Mexico), the Mexican regime had enough legitimacy to endure until the year two thousand. Nevertheless, its legitimacy capital began to quickly run down with the change of economic model as a result of the economic 1982 crisis.