Fuel Utilization and Environment Pollution

Izvestiâ Vysših Učebnyh Zavedenij i Ènergetičeskih ob Edinennij SNG. Ènergetika. 2014;0(3):39-50


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Journal Title: Izvestiâ Vysših Učebnyh Zavedenij i Ènergetičeskih ob Edinennij SNG. Ènergetika

ISSN: 1029-7448 (Print); 2414-0341 (Online)

Publisher: Belarusian National Technical University

Society/Institution: Belarusian National Technical University

LCC Subject Category: Technology: Hydraulic engineering | Technology: Engineering (General). Civil engineering (General)

Country of publisher: Belarus

Language of fulltext: Russian

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B. S. Soroka


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An influence of utilization of various fuel types on the environment pollution has been analyzed taking into account the state and forecast of changes in consumption structure of primary energy in the world.The regional peculiarities of the environment impact have been studied methodically (regarding the Ukraine as an example): distribution of the harmful effluents has been considered in various regions of the country and inter-relations of some branches of national economy and industry with the atmosphere pollution have been examined.The CO2 effluent distribution within the European regions has been considered as the main greenhouse gas. It has been stated that the difference of the specific CO2 effluent yield per unit of GDP makes more than an order by value between some European countries.This index becomes higher if specific GDP of the country concerned is lower and portion of extractive industries, metallurgical and fuel-power complexes is higher in the country’s economy.