Les non-publics de la culture. Une approche ethnographique de situations de réception demi-contraintes

Communiquer. 2013;9:77-94 DOI 10.4000/communiquer.145


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Cosmina Ghebaur


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Photographic exhibitions are organized today « outdoor» ; I study the « non-public» (Ancel & Pessin, 2004) : the absents. What are the factors hindering the encounter with the works despite their urban exposure ? The article attempts to study the performances of culture that are forged by the respondents (migrants from the lower classes) during outings organized by community centers or municipal associations. To understand why photographic exhibitions fail to mobilize some, I observe in fact that the last prefer other cultural events. Using two case studies (a contemporary dance show, a play), I show that the contact of some actors with culture lead to misunderstandings or misconceptions that merely multiply their acts of avoidance and exclusion feelings.