Journal of Architecture, Art & Humanistic Science (Jul 2019)

Effect of aesthetic and functional values of lighting on interior design elements

  • Waleed Eid,
  • Hossam Elnahass

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 4, no. 16
pp. 221 – 239


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SummaryThe perception is the process that takes place in our eyes when we try to define a certain image of things that are different in their colors and their composition by the reflected light from these things and their surroundings. The determination of the dimensions of these objects is formed on the physics principle of their formation. The mind struggles as much as it can and interacts with these principles To determine the formations as our minds unify the effects of light until the completion of a specific image; For example as a room which light make everything visible and this what make our sense of the materials and its forms. Because of the reflected rays upon our eyes. Lighting is no longer limited to illumination, it is more than this it joins development and creativity trend. The diversity of its forms and sources makes it a unique piece of art in the world of decoration, it searches for the place which fits its formation, to be a part of the spaces, which reflect warmth and ambiguity of modern touch that matches the spirit of the old age. In the game of light and shadow, it creates visual effects, and more luxury in all around, satisfy the practical, aesthetic and artistic needs of interior design world.Whether the design is traditional or modern, lighting adds a magic touch to the vacuum, as the lighting is the most effective element in design, it changes the features of the place and creates a new atmosphere Through different lighting techniques, playing with shadow and light, lighting can also be used to emphasize the functional difference in an area (passage area – waiting area - show area)Lighting direct our vision for the vacuum and specific details and avoid others. And also can divide the vacuum by using lighting through intensity, color, direction