Colloquia Theologica Ottoniana (Jan 2015)

Eucharystia jako podstawa i najważniejsze kryterium rozumienia wspólnoty wiary

  • Edward Sienkiewicz

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 2


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Impermanence and contemporary crisis of natural communities, impacts on wrong understanding of the Christian community of faith, which in turn causes the improper experience. Great importance it is also far-reaching institutionalization of social life and at the same time mistrust of many institutions, their contesting. This may contribute to the treatment of institutionalization of faith – the Church, as an institution, while retaining attention, also by practicing Christians, just outside its aspects. Meanwhile, the source and foundation of the community of believers is the paschal mystery of Jesus. Implementing fully the promises of the Old Testament Jesus, during a farewell meal with his disciples in the Upper Room, he asks the Father to such love and unity among them, what is the appropriate Father and the Son. The basis for this is the presence of Jesus with his disciples – a community founded by him – which it does not undermine the presence of even his death. On the contrary, offering himself to the Father, Jesus removes most interfering love and unity obstacle, that is a sin. Rising from the dead and remains in the community regardless of time and space. Sacramentally, both his death and the presence in the community after the resurrection, embodies the breaking of the bread – the Eucharist. Jesus remaining in the food for the believers is also intimately united with the participants of the event. Also they are united among themselves in such a way that besides the Eucharist is not possible to achieve.