Развитие образования (2018-09-01)

On the state and improvement of the educational system in Russia

  • Oleg V. Grigorash

Journal volume & issue
no. 1 (1)
pp. 70 – 73


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Disadvantageous features of the education system reform implementation in Russia, worsening the quality of education of university graduates are identified in this article. The author suggests measures to modernize (improve) the education system. On the basis of research`s results made by domestic and foreign scientists, the difference between the concepts of "quality of preparation" and "quality of education" is revealed in the framework of the competence approach widely applied in the system of higher education. The researcher concluded that the result of quality education of students is their ability to work independently, to work in a competitive environment, the success and relevance on the labor market, as well as adaptability to rapidly changing social and economic conditions, effectively using the education received.