Journal of Systems Integration (Oct 2013)

A Modular Decomposition for Approximation of the Optimum DSS in Multidimensional Cases

  • Ivan Vrana,
  • Shady Aly,
  • Martin Pelikan

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 4, no. 4
pp. 3 – 9


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Decision making tasks are often complex and ill-defined, and they are also multi-aspect because many factors influence the decision process. Decision support systems (DSS) which are frequently used in business and manufacturing have a potential to cope with vagueness and ill-structure of complex decision making situations. Also an optimum DSS can be developed for multi-dimensional decision problems. Complexity of such a system however rapidly grows with an increasing number of influencing factors, their dimensions and their relationships. As a consequence development, operation and maintenance of the optimum DSS becomes difficult and sometimes even unfeasible for real situations. This paper describes a feasible approximation of the optimum DSS through decreasing its complexity by a modular decomposition. The resulting DSS consists of multiple DSSs, each of them is focused at the individual decision making dimension. Paper also presents a practical simple integration mechanism and heuristic for integrating partial DSSs.