Certains aspects du portrait laic Georgien du haut Moyen age

Zograf. 2016;2016(40):35-44 DOI 10.2298/ZOG1640035M


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Machabeli Kitty (Centre national d’histoire d’art Georgien G. Chubinashvili, Tbilissi, Georgia)


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The article discusses Georgian relief portraits of the early medieval period. Besides religious motifs, church facades and the pillars of stone crosses depict images of laymen - the commissioners of these votive cult objects. The images are accompanied by inscriptions indicating their names and official titles. The incorporation of images of noblemen on cult objects indicates their social status and place in the hierarchy of feudal society. Iconographic schemes of the 6th-7th century Georgian relief portraits unite a local tradition and the Byzantine artistic canon of the epoch.