Radioengineering (Apr 2011)

Deriving (MO)(I)CCCII Based Second-order Sinusoidal Oscillators with Non-interactive Tuning Laws using State Variable Method

  • A. Lahiri

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 20, no. 1
pp. 349 – 353


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The paper discusses systematic realization of second-order sinusoidal oscillators using multiple-output second-generation current controlled conveyor (MO-CCCII) and/or its inverting equivalent, namely the multiple-output inverting second-generation current controlled conveyor (MO-ICCCII) by state variable method. State variable method is a powerful technique and has been used extensively in the past to realize active RC oscillators using a variety of active building blocks (ABB). In this work, a noninteractive relationship between the condition of oscillation (CO) and the frequency of oscillation (FO) has been chosen priori and then state variable method is applied to derive the oscillators with grounded capacitors. All the resulting oscillator circuits, eight of them, are “resistor-less”, employ grounded capacitors and do not use more than three (MO)(I)CCCIIs. PSPICE simulation results of a possible CMOS implementation of the oscillators using 0:35μm TSMC CMOS technology parameters have validated their workability.