Annals: Series on engineering sciences (Academy of Romanian Scientists) (May 2010)


  • Alexandru-Ionuţ CHIUŢĂ,
  • Cristina STANCU

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 2, no. 1
pp. 35 – 42


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Power line Communications (PLC) – communications over the electricity distribution grid has become an interesting topic in recent years. Although this technology has been in use for special applications for several decades, such as street lighting, the communication is made exclusively in the narrowband range and transmission rates are low. In several European countries there exists an intensive interest to introduce Power Line Communication (PLC) network into operation for different purposes. These purposes represent different levels of traffic within the PLC network from a very weak level, when using the PLC network for some operational tasks of power distribution network up to very intensive traffic when using the PLC network for public access to Internet.