MATEC Web of Conferences (2018-01-01)

The evaluation of road maintenance programs, case study: the national road maintenance programs in West Sumatra

  • Yuniar Haptiwi Tri,
  • Adji Bayu Martanto,
  • Hidayat Benny

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 229
p. 03016


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Currently, due to the limitation of funding, the national road maintenance programs in West Sumatra which were based on the output from IIRMS (Indonesian Integrated Road Management System) cannot be fully implemented. In order the road maintenance can be carried out effectively according to parameters considered, the ranking of roads priority must be determined. In this study, analyzes were conducted in the determination of national road maintenance priorities. The parameters used are SDI, IRI, road width, and V / C ratio. The methods used were the AHP (Analytical Hierarchy Process), IPA (Importance Performance Index) modification, and CSI (Customer Satisfaction Index) modification. In the study also evaluated the effectiveness of road maintenance program which was made by Satker P2JN, BPJN III compared to the result of the analysis. The result shows that there was still ineffectiveness of road maintenance programs made by BPJN III.