Biochemical properties of new varieties of rape

Plant Varieties Studying and Protection. 2014;0(4(25)):29-33 DOI 10.21498/2518-1017.4(25).2014.55605


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Journal Title: Plant Varieties Studying and Protection

ISSN: 2518-1017 (Print); 2518-7457 (Online)

Publisher: Ukrainian Institute for Plant Variety Examination

Society/Institution: Ukrainian Institute for Plant Variety Examination

LCC Subject Category: Science: Botany

Country of publisher: Ukraine

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О. І. Рудник-Іващенко

О. О. Шовгун

А. П. Іваницька

Н. П. Щербиніна

С. О. Ляшенко

С. Л. Чухлєб

О. О. Бадяка


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100 rape varieties and hybrids of domestic and foreign selection that have been grown in the different soil-climatic zones of the country were evaluated. The paper presents the results of study by their biochemical characteristics: content of protein, oil and its fatty acid composition. High-oil varieties of rape are identifi ed with high content of erucic acid in oil – for the technical purposes and those without or with its low content – for food industry.