Ra Ximhai. 2016;12(Special 5):101-112


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Journal Title: Ra Ximhai

ISSN: 1665-0441 (Print)

Publisher: Universidad Autónoma Indígena de México

LCC Subject Category: Social Sciences: Social sciences (General)

Country of publisher: Mexico

Language of fulltext: Spanish; Castilian, English

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Lutgarda Hernández-Alba
Odalis Ruiz-Pérez
Bárbara Tristá-Álvarez
Yaima Delgado-González


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Quality of life is a term that is being used by major profusion in the last years, is a social concept in permanent change. The professional of the Cuban school constitutes one of the fundamental links that he contributes to the quality of the educational system. They are before the challenge of orientating to obtain a favorable environment for the conviviality in the families and the community. Coexisting is to share, and to advance in this way is necessary to promote the participation. Only in a social positive climate they arise and phenomena develop as the commitment, the motivation and implication with the company. With the present investigation there is identified in the context of labor performance of the licentiate in Pedagogy - psychology in the different educations the behavior of the quality of life in the familiar and community conviviality and there is analyzed an approximation and verification of the need to form teachers who guarantee the orientation in the topic. In this work it is thought over in the study realized in this problematic and there is corroborated that it is necessary to work of way cooperated to complement the investigations and the analyses; to contribute without prejudices the accumulated one investigative of our institutions and the offers with theoretical and methodological reflections that change the logics of the thought especially into the quality of life into the conviviality that they can be approached by systematizing and proposed that they should promote the familiar and community participation in the promotion of a climate of tolerance and acceptance of other one. The education and his professionals must guarantee the contribution of the culture and the education to the sustainable development and the need to respect the peace, not violence, the cultural diversity, the local and traditional knowledge, the wisdom, the universal beginning as human rights, equality man-to-man and women, democracy, justice, which drives to have quality of life.