AR: Arhitektura, Raziskave (Jan 2012)

Tectonics in Building Culture II: Textile Blocks

  • Igor Seljak

Journal volume & issue
Vol. XIII, no. 2+3
pp. 102 – 103


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The international workshop "Tectonics and Building Culture II: Textile Blocks" was held as part of the Erasmus Intensive Programme between 19 and 30 August 2009 in Ireland, on the route between Dublin and Letterfrack. On the way from Dublin to Letterfrack, we visited some areas where dry-stone wall construction is part of the traditional architecture.At the end of a three-day trip, we arrived in the town of Letterfrack, where a practical workshop on safety and skills in processing stone and traditional techniques of stacking walls was held over the ensuing days. The results were three stone installations/sculptures at three different locations in Letterfrack and the village of Tully.