Развитие образования (Sep 2021)

The Influence of Ski Training on the Development of Physical Qualities in Students

  • Elena G. Ermakova

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 4, no. 3
pp. 25 – 28


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The article reveals the topic of the influence of ski training on the development of physical qualities in students, since today there is a tendency to increase chronic diseases in young people, many diseases have become younger, which leads to the search for new types of activities or simply the introduction of proven improved techniques for decades, and skiing is one of the main types of activities in our region. A list of the main muscle groups involved in skiing is given, some exercises of ski training are presented as part of the program for the main department of the university, an experiment was conducted with students of the Perm State Technical University in order to identify the influence of ski training on the development of students ' basic motor qualities. Research methods. The method of pedagogical experiment was applied, and during the exercises a variety of effective methods used in practice were applied – variable, repeated, competitive, control. Conclusion. The obtained results are analyzed and compared, conclusions are made, as well as some recommendations are given, the positive impact of ski training on the basic physical qualities of students and health in general is revealed.