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The uprising of the amateur: Pacific between intimacy’s drownage and the new visibility regimes

Ciberlegenda. 2012;01(26):179-190


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Journal Title: Ciberlegenda

ISSN: 1519-0617 (Online)

Publisher: Universidade Federal Fluminense

LCC Subject Category: Fine Arts: Visual arts | Language and Literature: Philology. Linguistics: Communication. Mass media

Country of publisher: Brazil

Language of fulltext: Portuguese

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Ilana Feldman


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Time From Submission to Publication: 16 weeks


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In contemporary flexible and biopolitical capitalist culture, important transformations are taking place in the way individuals shape subjective experiences, not anchored anymore in Modern psychological interiority but in the epidermal exteriority of bodies and images. In this panorama in which intimacy, either displaced or in decline, becomes a matter of publicity, amateur and performative practices proliferate increasingly in a context of new visibility regimes. This is the case of the multiplying presence of amateur images and home movies – supposedly images with no mediation – that are taken from their original context and reworked in cinematic works as archival materials. In Pacific (Marcelo Pedroso, 2009), film chosen for analysis, different forms of amateurism, mediation, displacement, performance and archival issues will emerge within the indetermination between the public and the private spheres.