Космические аппараты и технологии (Sep 2023)

Computer model of the transponder for the analysis of phase distortions of the signal

  • A. V. Shagov,
  • V. V. Sukhotin,
  • T. A. Zubov

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 7, no. 3
pp. 193 – 201


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The article discusses issues related to the development of a computer model of an on-board relay complex with linear signal retransmission for the analysis of phase distortion of the signal. It is very important to know the phase distortion (foray) when determining the coordinates of the radio source by the phase method using a virtual antenna array in satellite communication systems. The literature review given in the article showed that it was not possible to conduct these studies on existing computer models. Based on the classical version of the block diagram of the on-board relay complex, a computer model was developed in the MATLAB R 2016b (Simulink) environment. The model includes a receiving device, an input and output multiplexer and power amplifiers. Mathematical models of Saleh and Gorbanni amplifiers implemented on traveling wave lamps and solid-state amplifiers, respectively, were taken as nonlinear amplifiers. Multiplexers are implemented in the form of bandpass filters connected in parallel. The hybrid divider and ferrite circulators were not included in the model. In the model, it is possible to investigate the dependence of the phase distortion of the signal on the characteristics of the structural blocks of the on-board relay complex. The computer model also provides for the possibility of studying the effect of noise on phase distortion.